What's this?

Stable Diffusion came out, and I liked that it's open source and I can run it on my computer, so I made this site to easily run it and share the results with my friends.

You can use it too!

What can I do with the images I generate?

The images are licensed the same as with Stable Diffusion. Phantasmagoria claims no right to the images you generate, and you are accountable for them.

What does "enhance faces" do?

Sometimes, the generated faces might be malformed, or otherwise non-realistic. "Fix faces" runs an additional AI pass over the image to detect and fix that, and enhance the face.

It's optional because it might have adverse effects on images without faces, and also because it costs 0.5 credits to run.

How do I write a good prompt?

Generally, there are various resources, but what I tend to do is go to a search engine like Lexica, search for a keyword I like, find a result that appeals to me, and copy and tweak that prompt. I find that that generally works very well.

What are some good prompt-making resources you'd recommend?

Here's a short list:

Why is this site called Phantasmagoria?

It only seemed appropriate to ask an AI to generate this site's brand, so the name "Phantasmagoria", and the tagline "Where creativity comes to life" were generated by GPT-3. The ghost logo was generated by DALL-E.